Logo de la marque de montre de luxe A.L.B avec le fond blanc
Horology Workshop  
- Toulouse -

ALB is the fruit of a two-friend partnership. They have been dreaming horology through small series of watches derived from fine arts.

The models are thus inspired by a dreamlike and artistic world, while borrowing the master watchmaker’s precision and quality requirements.

At this crossroads, each watch is firstly sketched, then takes shape thanks to the latest design and manufacturing techniques, and comes to life after completely hand-made assembly and casing.

The ALB brand was created from the initial name « Atelier Le Brézéguet », which refers to a locality in the Lot region where the first corporate concepts have been imagined. Loyal to these roots, we draw and assemble all our watches in the Toulouse area.
Vincent Candellé Tuheille
Engineer ICAM
Co-Founder, Design & Fabrication
Engineer ICAM
Simon-Pierre Delord
Engineer ICAM & Designer STRATE
Co-Founder, Design & Dévelopment
Engineer ICAM and Designer STRATE COLLEGE