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Horology Workshop  
- Toulouse -

We wanted to create in our watches an expression space which would enable us to ‘tell stories’. This space design was made possible by 3D printing. The 3D printed part in our watches is a mix between a dial and a ring

Our main hurdle has been the adjustments and tolerances mastering of our 3D printed components. It has required working at the current accuracy limits of the laser sintering technique. We have also studied the material’s performance (temperature, ultraviolet…) to secure its use. 15 months of tests and experiments were necessary to finalize our components. Today 3D printing is fully integrated in our models

3D printing was initially not our selling point, but a way to manufacture our products. Thanks to the technical possibilities offered, it has enabled us to market original watches in the watch-making scene. The dynamism of the branch finally offers us a growing visibility
Horology Workshop A.L.B (Atelier le Brézéguet) 3D printing watch